The Board of Education recognizes that it is required by law to take measures for the safety of pupils and district employees.

The Board shall provide, publish, and post rules for safety and the prevention of accidents; instruct pupils in safety and accident prevention; provide protective devices where they are required by law for the safety of pupils and employees; and provide suitable and safe equipment where such equipment is necessary for the conduct of the educational program and the operation of the schools.

The Superintendent shall prepare regulations governing school safety and the prevention of accidents and fire that include as a minimum the requirements of law and the applicable rules of various departments of state government. Such regulations shall provide procedures and precautions for the safety of pupils in school, employees in the performance of their duties, users of school vehicles, pupils in transit to and from school, injured pupils and employees, and visitors to the school. Safety regulations shall be promulgated to all school employees and shall be reviewed and evaluated annually. The Superintendent is directed to instruct teaching staff members in proper safety precautions. ·

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Adopted: 21 April 2005