The Board of Education permits and encourages the preparation and distribution of school sponsored publications under staff direction in order· that pupils learn the rights and responsibilities of the press in a free society.

No school sponsored publication may contain materials that:

1. Are grossly prejudicial to an ethnic, national, religious, or racial group or to either gender;

2. Libel any person or persons;

3. Infringe rights of privacy protected by law or regulation;

4. Seek to establish the supremacy of a particular religious denomination, sect, or point of view over any other;

5. Advocate the use or advertise the availability of any substance or material that constitutes a direct and substantial danger to the health of pupils;

6. Contain obscenity or material otherwise deemed to be harmful to impressionable pupils;

7. Incite violence, advocate the use of force, or urge the violation of law or school regulations;

8. Advertise goods or services for the benefit of profit­ making organizations;

9. Solicit funds for non-school organizations when such solicitations have not been approved by the Board;

10. Promote, favor or oppose any candidate for election to the Board or the adoption of any bond issue, proposal, or question submitted at any school election; or

11. Except as may be required for literary purposes, do not conform to acceptable standards of grammar, clear expression, and responsible research.

Issues on which opposing points of view have been responsibly promoted may be introduced in a school sponsored publication provided that all proponents are given an equal opportunity to present their views.

In order to ascertain that school sponsored publications do not violate the standards established by this policy, the Board requires that each publication be submitted to the Principal for review in advance of its distribution. A publication that contains material in violation of this policy may not be distributed.

Where the Principal cannot show, within two school days, that the publication violates the prohibitions of this policy, the publication must be released for distribution. The Principal’s determination, if any, that the publication violates this policy must be supported by references to specific material in the publication. Material cannot be censored merely because it is personally offensive to the reviewer or may tend to embarrass the Board. Pupils must be offered the opportunity to modify or delete any material that violates this policy.

The Board requires that the distribution of school publications take place only at the places and during the times established by regulation in order that the instructional program is not disrupted.

N.J.S.A. 2C:34-3
N.J.S.A. 18A:42-4

Adopted: 21 April 2005