The Board of Education recognizes that the services of community volunteers can enrich the educational program, assist teaching staff members in the performance of their duties, and enhance the relationship between the school district and the community. The Board directs the institution of a program for the utilization of volunteer services in grades Kindergarten through twelve.

The Building Principal shall be responsible for the recruitment and screening of volunteers, may delegate the assignment of volunteers to specific tasks and must submit their names for Board approval.

Volunteers must be persons of known character, responsibility, and integrity.

Neither the Superintendent nor any Principal shall be obligated to utilize the proffered services of a volunteer whose abilities or interests do not serve the needs of pupils.

The Superintendent shall prepare and promulgate rules of conduct for school volunteers. Each school volunteer shall be given a copy of this policy and the rules of conduct.

The following guidelines shall govern the service of school volunteers:

1. Volunteers may serve only under the direction and supervision of a teaching staff member;

2. Volunteers should clearly understand their duties and responsibilities and perform no service outside those duties;

3. Volunteers serve only in a support capacity; only teaching staff members are responsible for educational planning and decisions and the teaching of new concepts;

4. Volunteers shall respect the individuality, dignity, and worth of each child;

5. Volunteers are not permitted access to pupil records;

6. Volunteers should exercise discretion in discussing their school activities with others in the community;

7. Volunteers may consult with the Principal regarding their duties and responsibilities;

8. Volunteers shall receive no financial remuneration from the Board.

The Superintendent shall report periodically to the Board on the number of volunteers serving in the schools of the district, the duties performed by volunteers, and the number of volunteer hours served, by school.

N.J.S.A. 18A:6-7.1