A. Assignments

The tasks to which volunteers may be assigned include, but need not be limited to, the following:

1. Duplicating tests and other materials;

2. Helping with classroom housekeeping;

3. Typing class materials, tests, and the like;

4. Setting up audio-visual and other instructional equipment, if qualified to do so;

5. Helping children remove and don outerwear and boots;

6. Supervising the playground;

7. Correcting workbooks, as qualified to do so and as appropriate to the sensitivity of the materials;

8. Reading aloud and telling stories;

9. Assisting with the school library program;

10. Assisting pupils locate material in reference works;

11. Assisting with the school lunch program;

12. Serving as chaperones on field trips; and

13. Serving as resource persons in a special subject area.

B. Rules of Conduct for Volunteers

1. A volunteer may serve only under the direction and supervision of a teaching staff member.

2. A volunteer should perform no duties other than those expressly assigned him/her.

3. A volunteer must respect the individuality, dignity, and worth of each pupil. A volunteer must never punish or rebuke a pupil.

4. A volunteer must not seek access to records about an individual pupil. A volunteer must respect the confidentiality of any information gained about an individual pupil, by whatever means.

5. A volunteer who imparts information to pupils must be mindful of the age, maturity, and sensibility of those pupils and exercise proper care and discretion accordingly.

Issued: 21 April 2005