1. School dances are for the students of the Vernon Township School District only. A student wishing to bring a school aged guest to a dance must request permission through the Assistant Principal’s office.  Middle school students and/or younger brothers and sisters of students attending high school will not be permitted at the dance.


  1. Once students have entered the dance, they may not leave and plan to return that evening.


  1. Use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or drugs is prohibited at all times in all parts of the building.


  1. Students should be suitably dressed for all dances.


  1. All students are expected to conduct themselves courteously and properly at all times. Appropriate behavior is required.


  1. In order to attend a prom, students must attend school on the day of the prom.


  1. The prom will be scheduled at a location that is in a reasonable geographical proximity to Vernon Township High School as per the judgement of the principal.


  1. At the principal’s discretion, based on distance from Vernon Township High School, students may be transported by bus to the prom location, leaving from the high school.


  1. The prom will be for a single class, not to be coupled with the junior class.


  1. Faculty chaperones will not bring guests as it can distract from diligence of duties.


  1. The school security coordinator will attend as part of his/her duties.


  1. Guests of adults will not be admitted to the prom.


  1. Any issues of underage drinking, violence, use of drugs and any other illegal activity will result in both school discipline as per BOE and Vernon Township School District regulations and the local police where the prom is located.


  1. All dances with the exception of the Senior Prom will be held in school during the school week, preferably on Friday evenings and will not run later than 11:00 p.m.


  1. No dances or inter-school athletic student activities will be scheduled on any significant religious holiday.


  1. All student organization sponsored dances or after school co-curricular activities are subject to the approval of the building administrator whose judgment is final.




  1. Dances are open only to students of the Vernon Township School District and their guests. Students will be required to show an I.D. card and sign a homeroom list at the door.


  1. Escort cards are required for all guests and should be obtained through the advisor or activity sponsor prior to the activity. Guest may be accompanied by a Vernon Township School student, present an escort card, and sign in at the door.


  1. Students and guests will be appropriately dressed for the specific occasion.


  1. Guests must abide by all rules pertaining to Vernon Township School dances.


  1. Smoking is prohibited in or around the school building. Anyone breaking this rule will be requested to leave the premises.


  1. Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or controlled dangerous substances on school premises or being under the influence of the same is strictly prohibited.


  1. No one will be admitted after a time designed by the advisor. Once students or guests leave the building, they may not return.


  1. Students absent from school the day of a dance will not be permitted to attend the dance. Students who sign in, sign out, or cut class the day of a dance will not be permitted to attend.


  1. Students or guests displaying signs of rowdiness or generally misbehaving will be requested to leave. Parents or guardians will be contacted, and it will be requested that they escort the misbehaving student home.


  1. Students will be held personally liable for property damage caused by them or their guests.


  1. If soft drinks and/or food are sold, the refreshments must not be taken from the room where they are sold.


Amended:  October 2017