The Board of Education recognizes the value of social events and class trips that will enhance and enrich the school experience for the pupils of this district.

For purposes of this policy, a “social event” is a party, celebration, or dance organized for the participation of pupils, and “class trips” are trips taken by pupils in a single graduating class, pupils who share a particular interest in an activity, or pupils who are enrolled in a particular subject area. Social events and class trips are not related or are only indirectly related to the curriculum.

The Board will make school facilities available and assign staff members as appropriate for the conduct of social events on school premises that have been approved by the Principal and for social events and class trips away from school premises that have been approved by the Principal and superintendent. A social event or class trip may be considered to have been approved by this Board only when the Board has duly assigned one or more chaperones to supervise participating pupils. The Board will assume no responsibility for a pupil social event or trip that has not been approved in accordance with this policy.

The Board will not approve a social event or class trip that has the effect of reducing the school year for participating pupils to fewer than one hundred eighty days.

The Board reserves the right to cancel any scheduled trip.

Social events or class trips are not part of the thorough and efficient system of education provided the Board. Participation in them is therefore not a right and may be denied to any pupil without the due process of notice and an opportunity to be heard. A pupil who demonstrates disregard for school rules may summarily be denied participation in social events and class trips.

Pupils who participate in approved social events and class trips are subject to district rules for pupil conduct and must submit to the authority of assigned chaperones. Infractions of the rules will be subject to discipline in the same manner as are infractions of rules during the regular school program.

A pupil who possesses or consumes alcohol or drugs in the course of an approved social event or class trip will be deemed to have placed all other participating pupils at risk and shall be immediately dismissed from the event or trip. Any such pupil will be returned home by appropriate and safe means of transportation in the company of a chaperone, the pupils’ parent(s) or legal guardian(s), or a representative of the pupil’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Any expenses incurred by the dismissal will be the responsibility of the pupil and/or the pupil’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

The Board will permit persons not enrolled in this district to participate in social events as guests of pupils, provided the Principal has approved the participation of guests in advance. Guests ar.e subject to the same rules of conduct as are pupils enrolled in this district and may be removed from the social event or trip for persistent or flagrant disregard of those rules.

The Superintendent will develop regulations governing the conduct and safety of all participants in social events and class trips and will distribute them to pupil and adult participants.

Adopted: 21 April 2005