The Board of Education recognizes the importance of offering pupils_ the opportunity to participate in representative self­ government .and to develop leadership skills. Pupils shall have the right to organize, conduct meetings, elect officers and representatives, and petition the Board of Education.

The Board recognizes the Vernon Township High School Student Council as the official voice of the student body for pupils in grades nine through twelve, provided the constitution and bylaws of that organization have been duly approved by the pupils it represents and by the Board and provided that all pupils have equal access to their pupil government and an equal opportunity to vote and hold office.

The Board shall appoint a qualified teaching staff member to serve as advisor to pupil government activities.

The Board directs that decisions made and actions duly taken by the official pupil government, in accordance with and within the scope of its constitution and bylaws, may not be voided or vetoed by any staff member.

Adopted: 21 April 2005