The Board of Education directs that the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary be responsible for the supervision of all building construction in this district. Supervision shall include field inspection of the contractor’s operations, administrative review of the activities of the architect relating to the construction, and any other construction matters relating to the interests of the school district.

The School Business Administrator/Board Secretary shall report periodically to the Board that by his/her personal knowledge the work of the construction contractor and the architect is being performed in accordance with the plans, specifications, and contracts approved by the Board.

A change order involving additional cost will be submitted by the architect for Board review.

A change order not involving monetary considerations may be acted upon solely by the architect and reported to the Board.

Upon completion of a building project and a final inspection of all its aspects by the architect, contractors, and school officials, a recommendation for acceptance shall be made to the Board by the architect.

N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-16; 18A:18A-43; 18A:18A-44

Adopted: April 2005

Revised: January 2015