The following procedures are established to guide the Toxic Catastrophe Preparedness Officer in the implementation of Policy No. 8431.

1. The Toxic Hazard Preparedness (THP) Officer should obtain municipal tax maps of the area within the survey zone and mark on the maps the location of each facility that is potentially dangerous: chemical plants, waste treatment plants, industrial plants, dumps, storage yards, hazardous waste disposal sites, and so forth.

2. The THP Officer should contact county health departments and the fire and police departments in municipalities within the survey zone to determine which, if any, have completed a plan for emergency response to industrial accidents.

3. The THP Officer should contact the county health department and local fire and police departments and solicit their cooperation in determining the facilities that may pose a danger to one or more district schools.

4. The THP officer may obtain information regarding compliance with the Worker and Community Right to Know Act by calling 609-984-3219. Information regarding compliance with the Toxic Catastrophe Prevention Act may be obtained by calling the project office at 609-984-3641. A copy of a facility’s environmental survey may be requested by written request to:

New Jersey Department of
Environmental Protection
401 East State Street
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

5. The THP Officer should visit each of the facilities identified and attempt to enlist the aid of the plant manager. Without suggesting that the plant is mismanaged or a threat to the community, the THP officer should seek the plant manager’s cooperation in:

a. Notifying immediately the district central office and, if appropriate, the Principal of one or more schools in the event of an accident that might adversely affect pupils and staff members;

b. Suggesting appropriate measures to be taken in response to an accident;

c. Suggesting appropriate emergency equipment and supplies that should be kept on hand in the school nurse’s office for use in the event of an industrial accident; and

d. Training the district nursing staff in coping with the consequences of exposure to a hazardous substance.

6. The THP Officer shall request local fire and police officers to notify school officials immediately in the event of an industrial accident known to them which might adversely affect pupils and school staff members. The THP Officer shall also request the aid of fire and police officers as circumstances dictate.

7. The THP Officer will assist the Superintendent in planning and implementing an in-service program to train school district employees in recognizing a toxic condition and responding properly to the hazard.

Issued: 21 April 2005