The Board of Education shall provide transportation services for pupils with disabilities as required by law and dictated by the pupil’s educational needs and physical welfare. The Board will provide the transportation specified as a related service in the program of special education approved for a disabled pupil. Such transportation will conform to the pupil’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) and the transportation requirements described by the Child Study Team or prescribed by the school physician. Transportation to a placement outside this district will conform to the school calendar of the receiving school.

The transportation of a disabled pupil may include such special equipment, transportation aides, and special arrangements for other assistance to and from and in and around the school. When necessary for the pupil’s welfare, the case manager will provide the transportation coordinator and driver with specific information about the pupil. For pupils with disabilities below the age of five, safety belts or restraint systems will be used.

The transportation of disabled pupils to special education programs approved by the Board and located outside the state will conform to guidelines established by the New Jersey State Department of Education. Such transportation services will be dictated by the pupil’s IEP and approved by the Child Study Team. The individual plan for a disabled pupil’s out-of-state transportation will be submitted to the Office of the County Superintendent prior to its implementation. In general, transportation of out-of-state disabled pupils will be by the most economical and expeditious mode consistent with the pupil’s special needs and will be limited to travel at the beginning and the ending of the school year.

State aid will be sought for the services provided in accordance with law and this policy. The Board directs that appropriate records be maintained and all relevant documentation be preserved in order that the district be properly reimbursed for the costs of transportation.

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Adopted: 21 April 2005