A. Additional Help in Academic Programs

1. Teachers will make every reasonable effort to assist pupils assigned to them who need additional help in their academic program.

2. Additional help may be given during the course of the staff member’s work day or before or after the school hours.

3. The additional help is an extension of the staff member’s assigned school district responsibilities and no staff member may charge a fee for providing this additional help to pupils.

B. Private Tutoring Services

1. A staff member who believes a pupil may benefit from private tutoring services in addition to any additional help provided to a pupil as part of the staff member’s assigned responsibilities will so inform the Principal or designee.

2. If the Principal or designee concurs with the staff member’s recommendation, he/she or the staff member will notify the pupil’s parent. The Principal or designee will not recommend a private tutor or maintain a list of private tutors. The retention of a private tutor shall be the sole responsibility of the parent.

3. The responsibility of contacting a private tutor is the responsibility of the parent. The principal/designee will discuss the pupil’s performance and needs with the pupil’s parent(s).

4. The school staff member shall cooperate with the pupil in providing information and materials used in class and in specifying, the areas where the pupil needs tutoring.

5. Private tutoring shall not take place on school grounds and any fees or compensation arrangements shall be made between the private tutor and the parent. The Board of Education assumes no responsibility, liability, or obligations for the selection of a private tutor that is contracted by the parent or the quality of the tutoring services provided.

6. A school staff member may be contacted by a parent to provide tutoring services to a pupil. School staff members are prohibited from providing private tutoring services to pupils currently enrolled in their classes or to a pupil who the staff member participates as a member of the pupil’s evaluation.

Issued: 21 April 2005

Revised: September 2013