Every pupil in this district shall be encouraged to complete the program of instruction in which he/she is enrolled, in cooperation with school staff members. Although the enrollment and attendance of persons over the age of sixteen cannot be compelled by law, school personnel shall make every reasonable effort to determine whether the school is meeting the educational needs of a pupil who requests withdrawal.

A. Request for Permanent Withdrawal

1. The pupil must obtain a withdrawal form from the school office to be taken home for the signature of his/her parent(s)or legal guardian(s).

2. The pupil must meet with the guidance counselor and school administrator, to discuss the reasons for the requested withdrawal.

3. The Principal will review the pupil’s file to determine whether the pupil has received the educational services to which he/she is entitled.

4. The pupil will be offered an exit conference with the guidance counselor, at which the pupil will be informed of:

a. The desirability of continuing education at some future time toward the award of a high school diploma through an Adult High School Program,

b. The possibility of readmission until the pupil is twenty years of age (or, if the pupil is disabled, until the end of the school year in which his/her twenty-first birthday occurs),

c. The possibility of further education in the Armed Forces of the United States and the application of such training toward a high school diploma pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6:27-4.1, and

d. The continuing availability of high school counseling services.

5. The Principal will report the withdrawal and the reasons for the withdrawal to the Superintendent to satisfy state reporting requirements.

B. Transferring Pupils

1. A pupil requesting transfer to another school, public or private, must obtain from the school nurse a transfer form for approval by the pupil’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

2. A parent(s) or legal guardian(s) who withdraws a pupil from this district shall be asked to designate the name and location of the school or school district in which he/she intends to enroll the pupil. The Principal shall be alert to the receipt of a request for records from that school district, for the purpose of implementing Policy No. 8464.

C. Pupil’s Responsibilities

A pupil who withdraws, permanently or by transfer, must:

1. Return all books, uniforms, and other school property to the appropriate school staff member, who shall give a proper receipt· for returned items;

2. Clear out his/her locker(s) and turn in any locks owned by the district;

3. Clear any obligations, for materials or fines, to the school library;

4. Pay any fines due for damaged or lost textbooks; and

5. Submit a properly authorized withdrawal or transfer form.

D. Records

1. The records of a pupil who transfers to another school will be sent to that school in accordance with Regulation No. 8330.

2. The permanent records of a pupil who withdraws from school will be retained in accordance with Regulation No. 8330.

Issued: 21 April 2005