WR Preschool

Walnut Ridge Primary School provides a quality program using the Tools of the Mind Curriculum

Some Curriculum Highlights:

  • combines activities specifically designed to promote self-regulation with activities that focus on academic skills, while also giving children the opportunity to practice self-regulation/executive function skills;
  • ensures children meet state and national standards by emphasizing research-based activity content;
  • promotes mature play—make-believe in preschool to dramatization in kindergarten—which is the most beneficial context for young children to develop self-regulation, cognitive, and social-emotional skills.


Upcoming Events

Walnut Ridge Calendar

This is the official calendar of events for Walnut Ridge Primary School

October 2022

Tuesday October 11

All Day
WR- Early Dismissal Parent/ Teacher Conferences Virtual

Wednesday October 12

All Day
WR- Early Dismissal Parent/Teacher Conferences Virtual

Thursday October 13

All Day
WR-Early Dismissal Parent/Teacher Conferences Virtual

Friday October 14

All Day
WR-Early Dismissal Parent/Teacher Conferences Virtual

Monday October 24

All Day
WR-Red Ribbon Week Wear/ Red Picture Retake Day AM/PM

Tuesday October 25

All Day
WR-Wear a Hat

Wednesday October 26

All Day
WR-Wear Team Attire

Thursday October 27

All Day
WR-Wear Neon or Mismatched Colors
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