Regular Schedule:

AM: 9:35-12:05
PM:  12:50-3:20
Full Day 9:35-3:20

Delayed Opening:

AM: 11:15-1:15
PM: 1:15-3:20
Full Day 11:15-3:20

Early Dismissal (Scheduled)

AM: 9:35-11:35
PM: 11:30-1:30
Full Day 9:35-1:30

Early Dismissal (unplanned due to weather)

AM: 9:35-12:05
PM: No School
Full Day 9:35-12:05

Upcoming Events

September 2023

Wednesday September 27

All Day
WR-Picture Day AM/PM

Thursday September 28

All Day
WRS Pochuck Farms Field Trip

Friday September 29

All Day
WRS Rain date Pochuck Farms Field Trip
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