Joseph A. Sweeney photo

Joseph A. Sweeney


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Term: 2023-2025

Committee: Curriculum, Liaison, Partnership*, Special Services

Raymond Zimmerman photo

Raymond Zimmerman

Vice President

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Term: 2022-2024

Committee: Finance/Building and Grounds*, Negotiations*


Melissa Brock

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Term: 2023-2024

Committee: Liaison*, Negotiations, Student Life

Charles Cimaglia photo

Charles Cimaglia

Email: Email Charles Cimaglia

Term: 2024-2026

Committee: Curriculum, Finance/Building & Grounds, Negotiations


Elaine Colianni

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Term: 2024-2026

Committee: Partnership, Special Services*, Student Life

Carl Contino photo

Carl Contino

Email: Email Carl Contino

Term: 2024-2026

Committee: Liaison, Special Services, Student Life*

John Kraus photo

John Kraus

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Term: 2022-2024

Committee: Curriculum, Partnership, Finance/Building & Grounds, Negotiations

Jennifer Pellet photo

Jennifer Pellet

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Term: 2023-2025

Committee: Curriculum*, Finance/Buildings & Grounds, Partnership, Special Services

C Ross

Carolyn Ross


Gia Federici

Student Representative to the Board

* Chairperson

N.J.S.B.A Delegate: Joseph  Sweeney/John Kraus (Alternate)
Legislative Delegate: Raymond Zimmerman
Sussex County SBA Delegate: Jennifer Pellet/Joseph A. Sweeney (Alternate)

Sussex County Ed Services (Northern Hills): Carl Contino/ Joseph A. Sweeney (Alternate)