Bus Stop Change Request

Guidelines For bus stop Change Requests 

Valid bus stop change requests for exiting bus stop locations will only be  accepted prior to August 15th of each school year. Following that date,  only address changes or changes due to childcare will be considered.  School buses are routed in the most efficient manner consistent with NJ  State law and School Board Guidelines regarding establishment of safe  school bus locations. The following factors are utilized in considering a  change to an existing bus stop location: 

  • Visibility from the student’s home is not a factor in determining bus stops. It is the  parent/guardian’s responsibility to escort their child to/from the bus stop if there is  concern about the student waiting or walking to the designated bus stop location.  A student may be required to walk up to 2.5 miles to the nearest bus stop. 

  • Buses will not travel down private roads that are not maintained by the Vernon  Township Road Department or on private property. 

  • Bus stops may not be located within 300 feet of each other in order to legally  operate the warning light/stop arm system prior to stopping the bus. Stops are  generally located at or near intersections. Buses that pass by a student’s home  do not warrant adding or changing the bus stop.  

  • Students are required to be at their assigned bus stop 10 minutes prior to the  scheduled pick up time and wait 10 minutes after in case of delays. Students  must be prepared to board the bus immediately upon its arrival, not be waiting inside their home or vehicle. 

  • Students will receive one seat on one bus, 5 days per week. The bus must  remain the same for both AM and PM transportation. 

Please Note: 

School bus drivers are not permitted to change stop locations without  approval from the Transportation Department. Drivers who stop at  locations other than those approved are in violation of district  procedures. All requests for stop changes need to be directed to the  Transportation Department rather than to the bus driver. Bus stop assignment and scheduled pick up time can be found on the Parent  Portal. Requests, if approved, may take up to 3 days to process