Student Conduct Policy

The following pertains to the district expectations for student conduct.

The Vernon Township Public Schools recognize that rapid societal changes have impacted upon the traditional school and its approach to instruction and discipline. One constant factor in the midst of society’s changes has been the district’s goal of providing a pleasant, safe and challenging learning environment for every Vernon Township student. The home and school have a shared responsibility in achieving this goal. Every school district has the right and responsibility to establish standards for acceptable student behavior within the school setting, and every student has the potential for choosing appropriate behavior and for becoming a responsible citizen of his/her school community regardless of background or current level of ability. To assist students and parents, we list below this district’s behavioral expectations for all students in grades K-12.

We expect:

  • that students will demonstrate an attitude of respect, courtesy, and kindness toward all;

  • that students will refrain from using inappropriate, vulgar, and abusive language; that students will refrain from bullying, intimidating, threatening or harassing others;

  • that students will avoid the possession, use, and abuse of dangerous and/or illegal substances;

  • that students will resolve conflicts without the use of weapons, violence, and/or physical means;

  • that students will come to school in clothing that is neither offensive, disruptive nor distracting within the school setting;

  • that students will assist in maintaining a clean and beautiful school environment, free of litter, graffiti, and vandalism.

Since we expect each student to behave appropriately and to be a responsible and productive citizen of our school community, age appropriate consequences will be applied at each school for those students who are uncooperative and/or non-compliant.